Plenary Lectures

The conference organizer has addressed distinguished colleagues to hold a plenary lecture.

We proudly announce the scientific contribution of these lecturers:

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg

Recovery - realistic goal or wishful thinking? A neuroscientists's view

Sir Michael Owen

Genomics and the nature of schizophrenia

Alison Yung

Early intervention - the next stage

State-of-the-Art Lectures

Anthony Morrison

Psychological interventions for promoting recovery

W.-Wolfgang Fleischhacker

Pharmacological therapies for schizophrenia – recent advances and future perspectives

Paolo Fusar Poli

Prevention of psychosis – current achievements and future challenges

Georg Schomerus

Fighting stigma – advancing recovery

Wulf Rössler

Conceptualizing schizophrenia from the beginning - an epidemiological perspective

Eva Meisenzahl

Brain-imaging in psychosis