CME Accreditation

accreditation by "Berliner Ärztekammer" for German CME credits

The Berliner Ärztekammer has granted 18 CME credits to this conference

The breakdown is as follows:
26 September 6 CME credits
27 September 6 CME credits
28 September 6 CME credits

Additional CME credits for the courses:
C-01 / 26 September 5 CME credits
C-02 / 28 September 5 CME credits


How to obtain your CME Certificate of Berliner Ärztekammer

To receive your CME certificate of the Berliner Ärztekammer,
please send the completed evaluation form to
and we will provide you with the certificate in return.

All CME credits confirmed to you after the 31 October 2019,  must be submitted
to the Ärztekammer from you directly.



The European Accreditation Committee in CNS (EACIC) has granted
22 CME credits to this conference.

The deadline to complete the evaluation form for EACIC CME credits has expired on the 28 November 2019.