Core Sessions

    Core Sessions ECSR 2021

    Plenary Lectures

    Referring to our congress motto three outstanding experts have addressed specific future perspectives in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention since Bleuler’s first mention of the term schizophrenia.


    Priorities in future schizophrenia research

    organized and chaired by
    ESAS Executive Committee member 
    Silvana Galderisi including views of:

    Silvana Galderisi

    Hilkka Kärkkäinen
    President of GAMIAN Europe, Brussels, Belgium

    Åsa Konradsson-Geuken
    Board member of EUFAMI, Leuven, Belgium

    Michaela Amering
    Vienna, Austria

    Wulf Rössler
    Zurich, Switzerland

    Werner Strik
    Bern, Switzerland



    Should schizoaffective disorder be diagnosed cross-sectionally (ICD-11) 
    instead of longitudinally (DSM-5)?

    Peter Falkai 
    will represent the PRO position

    Peter Falkai

    moderated  by
    ESAS Executive Committee member 
    Silvana Galderisi:

    Silvana Galderisi

    Ingrid Melle
    will argue against the cross-sectional 

    Ingrid Melle