Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Before starting to submit your abstract, please read the guidelines carefully and prepare the following information:

  • All abstracts have to be submitted electronically by using the online form. A congress account is needed to submit an abstract. Please create an account and register for the conference.
  • Payment is not mandatory at the moment of registration, but required by 31 July 2021 for all speakers and presenters of accepted abstracts. In case your abstract will be rejected a full refund of the registration fee is possible.
  • Please submit your abstract in English, the official language of the ECSR 2021, and choose a title that clearly indicates the content of the contribution.
  • As requested presentation type you can choose between "Oral Presentation", "Poster Presentation" or - if you do not have a preferency "Oral or Poster Presentation". 
  • Please avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the text if they are defined when used first.
  • The author's name (first name, family name), degrees, title and affiliation  (institution, city, and country) should be given.
  • Please choose track and topic from the topic list and your preferred presentation type (oral presentation or poster presentation.
  • The abstract text should briefly state:
    Objectives (indicate the purpose of the study or the hypothesis that was tested);
    Method (include the setting for the study, the subjects, the diagnosis or intervention, and the type of statistical analysis. If references are needed, they should be given in the text);
    Results (present as clearly as possible the outcome of the study and statistical significance if appropriate) and
    Conclusions (briefly discuss the data and emphasize the significance of the results).
  • The length of your abstract text should not exceed 300 words.
  • Please ensure that the abstract does not contain spelling, grammar or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Submitted abstracts will not be edited in any way. If the abstract does not fulfill the necessary requirements it cannot be published.
  • A disclosure of the existence of any significant financial interest or other affiliations with a funding organization or with a commercial supporter of the session and/or provider of commercial services is required.